Bring endometriosis awareness into the school curriculum

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Endometriosis is a life changing condition affecting 1 in 10 woman of a reproductive age.

In the UK alone around 1.5 million woman are living with endometriosis, making it the second most common gynaecological condition in the UK.

Endometriosis is an incurable chronic condition where cells in the lining of the womb appear outside of the womb, in places such as the ovaries, fallopian tubes or elsewhere in the pelvic area.

Diagnosing endometriosis is not as simple as diagnosing something like a ‘broken leg’ and it can take over seven and a half years for a woman to be diagnosed with the condition. This lengthy diagnostic process will shorten if more people are aware of what endometriosis really is, and this awareness can start in schools.

Living with this complex condition, which affects almost the same amount of woman who suffer with diabetes in the UK, is no easy feat and can leave sufferers facing day-to-day struggles. Anything from pelvic pain, heavy periods and infertility, to being unable to work or socialise, the list of challenges is endless.

Men are also affected to a certain extent, as there is a good chance they could be related to someone, know someone, or be in a relationship with someone who has endometriosis. An education into endometriosis is needed for men, to give them a better understanding of what the condition is. 

Please sign this petition to bring awareness to endometriosis, and to make it known how vital it is for both girls and boys to be educated in a condition that could affect them in the future.