Bring Back Latin Fully in North Sydney Boys High School.

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During the last full week of the 2019 school year, Latin students at North Sydney Boys were informed that the Latin course at the school was to be discontinued the following year following a decision made by the school's current principal: Ms. Robyn Hughes. Over 150 year 7 students who had done Latin in 2019 were not given the opportunity to continue it into 2020. Over 60 other students who had been doing Latin as a subject in 2019 and were continuing their studies into 2020 were displaced and forced to do other subjects instead. Those who had spent years studying the language in order to do it for the HSC Exam were told that the years they spent studying were in vain. The year 12 class who had already begun their HSC Latin course were told to study latin outside of school: at the NSW School of Languages and North Sydney Girls.

The move by the principal was met with severe backlash, with numerous emails and complaints being sent to the school, from both parents and students, many of which were ignored by the school principal and deputies. Due to the complaints being sent to the school being met with no reply, concerned parents and students started sending complaints to other organisations outside of North Sydney Boys, hoping they will be able to intervene. This has come to no avail yet. Due to the school's principal's  mistreatment of staff, Ms. Robyn Hughes has consistently maintained a staff turnover rate of over 60% for the past few years has forced even more staff to leave in 2019, thus placing the blame of the removal of Latin on teachers, saying that the Latin teacher had left. This story has already made it to the local media, with the Sydney Morning Herald having reported on the issue. The link to the report can be found here: . Many current and former teachers, parents and students of the school have already written complaints to the Department of Education, but many of those complaints were just forwarded to the school's principal, who is the target of all those complaints. We urge a thorough investigation into the principal and the matter to be conducted, and exit interviews to be held with former teachers of the school, so that the principal's reign of terror will be brought to an end and so students teachers can once again return North Sydney Boys in a safe learning environment. Latin is not the first highly-popular subject with extremely high student numbers to be removed, and will certainly not be the last if the 60% staff turnover rate is maintained.

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