Ban the use of the N-word in Primary and Secondary School's Curriculum.

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We study books such as 'To kill a Mockingbird' and 'Of Mice and Men' as part of our education. We sit in a classroom with our black peers, and are told by teachers to read paragraphs aloud. Paragraphs that  contain racial slurs, which insult and marginalize other children in the room. The black children in the class are told to 'suck it up' as their so-called 'friends' say the n-word for 'educational purposes'. It's wrong. It's racism. No school should be allowing this, no teacher should comfortably sit in a classroom with young black girls and boys and allow the n-word to leave another child's mouth. Racism isnt born, it's taught. In homes, and in schools with such behaviour being allowed. 

Teach kids about racism without actively using racial slurs. 

Read these books to highlight the issue of racism, without teaching racism. 

As an authoritative figure, a teacher, that young students trust and confide in, dont allow racial slurs in your classroom.

Ban the use of racial slurs in our education curriculum.