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Awareness on Academic Enhancing Drugs

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     Academic enhancing drugs, also known as Nootropics, are normally used by students in order to improve their academic performance. These substances stimulate an individual’s focus and alertness, as well as his/her memory retention. According to the Department of Psychology at the University of Sydney (2009), Nootropics are highly attractive among university students, thus prohibiting the intake of these drugs may be impossible to pursue. In addition, students take academic enhancing drugs without proper prescription. In fact, these substances are primarily meant to treat people with Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and other mental disorders.

     Nootropics may help students to perform better and achieve their full potential for a short period of time; however, some potential dangers are associated with this drug such as brain chemistry alterations, cognitive deficits, cumulative toll on the nervous system, and lack of research. This drug alters the way the brain works and inhibits the important functions of the brain which may lead to memory impairment and depletion of certain neurotransmitters. Consequently, the brain would eventually require the same amount of this drug to continue its normal cognitive function which may lead to the student’s dependence on the drug. Moreover, it may have a cumulative toll on the nervous system since some drugs would force the body to stay alert at all times which may take a toll on the physical body. In addition, the safety of long-term usage of this drug isn’t established because of the lack of research about Nootropics.

     We appeal to all people to help us share this petition in order to spread awareness regarding the use of cognitive enhancers and its effect to our body. Your help would be appreciated with you signing this petition with us since you would be able to help us voice out our concern about the possible misuse of these drugs.




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