Build Autism specific schools for Queensland

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The number of kids with Autism is still climbing, and for a lot of those Autistic children mainstream schooling doesn't help. Autism comes with its own set of unique challenges - especially sensory disorders, which means those kids can be very sensitive to noise, bright lights and loud noises etc. A lot of which is not catered to even in special needs schools as what might work for children with other disabilities doesn't work so well with some Autistic students.

Schools set up specifically for children with Autism take away the distractions, cater to their needs and gives those kids a chance to really grow and learn in an environment that is comfortable for them. A good example of this is (the one and only) school in Queensland for Autistic children (located in Brisbane), the kids that attend this establishment do well and excel that which was first expected of them because the school is set up to help them and to cater to their sensory needs as well, everything down to the lighting is set up to make the kids comfortable. However that school has limited spaces and a waiting list, there are roughly at most seventy students currently attending the school and the cost is about $7,500 per year per student. There are currently over 17,000 school aged children in Qld diagnosed with Autism.
Qld has only one school that is Autism specific, NSW has three and Victoria has two, with SA also only having one.

I am petitioning the Department of Education QLD to step in build more Autism specific schools, it makes a difference for an autistic child to be in an environment set up for their needs with people and teachers who understand their needs and who can help them reach their goals. With the ever growing number of children with Autism, environments where they feel supported and happy to learn need to be created. It is important for all children to feel included and to have the best opportunities to learn - when mainstream schooling or even special education schooling doesn't work for a child with Autism the parents often have to home school the child meaning they cannot work or find it very hard too. 

If you would like to see more Autism specific schools built for Qld please sign the petition.