More disciplinary action for minors due to bullying and assault at school

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I stand for my daughter and other children to have either lost their battles due to bullying or the continuence battles faced everyday.

Minors these days should be held accountable for their actions specially when they repeatedly offend.

My daughter was assaulted on the school bus and her battle has continued with the friends of the girl have now got involved and still threaten to "kill" her.

This has been proven through CTV footage at both the school and also on the bus.

Why should she be so scared to walk around her school?

Why should she have to face this battle constantly?

Why does the act of minors not get looked at and taken into account to have no punishment?

My daughter attends Tuggerah Lakes Secondary college where she is a valuable student, she always strives her hardest and it shines throughout her many achievements she has received. 

So I ask you why does she have to stay at home and miss out on school when she has done nothkng wrong?

A thousand and one thoughts run through my hwad daily and no matter how many times I ring and try protect my girl a new day proves that its completely out of anyones hands.

Please stand by me to try stand to make a difference to try influence good behaviour and to those who face battles much broader then anyone can comprehend.

I live through this with my daughter everyday, the tears and heartache.

Something has to be done NOW!.

I do not want my daughter another statistic on the news at the hands of a bully.