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Protect Virginia Child Diagnosed with PTSD from Further Trauma

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11 year old child victim J. W. experienced repeated hitting in the face, a choking across the throat via father's forearm, being chased up and down the street as she was looking for help, being dragged through woods at night, being personally humiliated, being called names and made to sleep in a cold unheated outdoor space in the winter, during her overnight visitation with her father and stepmother on March 9th, 2016. 

They also told the child that her body was ugly, and her father called her a "fu*k**g retard."

Her lip swelled up twice it’s size from where her father hit her in the face more than once. She was left outside like that all night freezing and in shock.

The forensic nurse on staff at Lewis Gale hospital called Bedford DSS and Bedford Sheriff's Office to report the child abuse, when he saw the child after her March 9th 2016 visitation with her father. It is a matter of medical record that the child was treated for facial bruising and cuts on her extremities.

The mother has fully cooperated with these agencies.

Bedford Sheriff's Office made one phone call to a neighbor, and dropped the case.

The child has since alleged to more than six agencies or persons that on March 9th 2016 she experienced hitting in the face, a choking, being chased, being dragged through woods, being personally humiliated, being called swearword names and made to sleep in a very cold detached garage without heat for her, during her overnight visitation with her father and stepmother... and of her own accord she is telling everyone who will listen that she is too scared to go over there again.

It is not only the violence she experienced on March 9th, but it is a great cumulation of family abuse she has both witnessed and experienced for the past 12 years, which is causing her great emotional pain at this time and made her too afraid to visit again. She is diagnosed with trauma symptoms and PTSD by medical professionals.

Instead of allowing her treatment, what the Bedford County judicial system has done is to order a counselor to use counseling sessions to coerce and force her back into visitation with the man who did these things to her - before, instead of, and in lieu of, using the appointments to focus on treating her mental health.

The counselor quit, and the child didn't get any help. The County's actions were highly unethical. 

The mother has been seeking safety for her children since April of 2010, when Bedford Domestic Violence Services told her to bring the children to a domestic violence shelter to protect them from their father.

GAL K*****n J***st***told the mother after court this past Friday 1/6/17 that this abused child just needs to "stop acting like a victim." 

Surely, most reasonable people, if hit in the face, and humiliated, and choked,

And hurt with a machete while they hid in a closet,

And left outside all night with no heat,

And dragged through the woods in the dark,

by someone who is violent, would not return to that person.

But the court is ordering just that…so that it can just happen again... and we keep going to court each time... and it just happens again.

The rest of the abuse cycles will not be described in this petition, but they are all documented, yet the courts will not address the continued abuse.

Roanoke Judge B**nds has previously stated that the child's "file was too thick to read," and therefore he was "putting on blinders to the evidence" and dismissed her last protective order - in direct opposition to findings from the Children's Advocacy Center in Roanoke, VA that testified that the child was in mental danger and therefore visitations at the father's house were not appropriate.

I am very worried about my daughter’s future, and the emotional consequences that this is going to have on her, and the real physical and legal danger that she is in.

I am very worried about how much longer we can keep going, or how much longer before she experiences much greater harm. 

Please come to our aid as soon as possible to bring this child justice and safety after the attack on her. The Courts will not view evidence during hearings, and have refused the child her civil right to testimony about it.

All statements and claims made can be backed up through evidence and testimony.



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