Release of DOC inmates due to the IERP listed in Budget Amendment 101 and string of outbre

Release of DOC inmates due to the IERP listed in Budget Amendment 101 and string of outbre

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S Hassan started this petition to department of corrections

Dillwyn Corrections is just one of many facilities that is directly being devastated by the COVID-19 Pandemic, unfortunately for us housed here is the worst… 

With a verified number of 203 cases and rising, resulting in hospitalizations, confusion, and fear of the inevitable, it is hard for any individual at Dillwyn Correctional Center to feel safe. 

5 staff members that have tested positive for the virus are believed to have possibly started the outbreak at Dillwyn due to their coming and going. The fact that no imate can travel into the community and back makes it nearly impossible for any inmate housed here to be responsible for the outbreak. On April 22nd, 2020, the Governor of Virginia Budget amendment, expressed as the IERP (Inmate early release plan) went to the house of delegates, was voted on and passed. Under this act of legislation, offenders deemed fit by said criteria ( ) were and still are supposed to be released by the Department of Corrections. When asked at the Governor's daily COVID-19 news briefing when this amendment would take hold if passed, he responded to the likes of “immediately”. 

The situation lies here! Although legislation has been passed, most offenders meeting the criteria listed in the IERP have NOT been released. There is mass confusion as to the process that is said to be taking place by the department. Per instructions by the warden of Dillwyn corrections, I’ve addressed my concerns to the unit counselor and other forms of authority such as DOC themselves. All of which have either been avoided, or responded with answers like “I have no idea what is going on” per counselors; And template form response from the department that claims actions from being taken. A lot of what is being said and reported by officials can only be described plainly as fabrication. It is easy for people to try and sweep us under the rug because of how hard it is to vividly communicate our circumstances with the outside world. Just because someone is incarcerated does not mean they do not matter. I do matter.

There is absolutely NO SOCIAL DISTANCING going on here. As shown in the pictured below, these are the likes of our living conditions. The beds, toilets, sinks, tables, phones, and etc… are all in close enough proximity to spread the COVID-19 virus. 

The staff, nurses, and other institutional workers are spreading the virus further by cross contaminating themselves. For example; the staff may go to a unit where people have active cases of COVID-19, and then return to a unit where there are no cases, increasing the risk of infection. Without changing their gloves and sanitizing their utensils. 
With 203 cases, efforts have been made to separate the infected from those who are not. Causing a decline in the amount of resources, space, and money. There are inmates sleeping in the visitation rooms and gymnasium. Custodial staff also tried to build more beds in a pod to be placed in the dayroom area of a quarantined unit because of limited space, causing conflicts between residents and staff due to them being placed in infectious spots. Counselors that are supposed to be overseeing the paperwork to make sure inmates can return safely to their family’s are working in the kitchen?? Due to shortage of staffing, which is unacceptable. 

Inmates that are not infected by COVID-19 have been sharing the same red yard, weights, trays, and utensils since the beginning of the State of Emergency, and only for the first time today (May 6, 2020) due to news coverage of distraught mothers and finances pleading for help, has Dillwyn started to use disposable trays and utensils. 

A food emergency menu was activated via memo on May 4, 2020, and all religious menus have been suspended until further notice. 

The list of problematic circumstances goes on and etc…

*****The point***** of this petition is to bring awareness to not only Dillwyn Corrections but to all of the institutions across Virginia faced with these same problems. Also that inmates that meet the criteria for the “Inmate early release plan” be released immediately and others who do not be evaluated and considered for possible release, due to the severity of this virus. I, myself am only 20 years old. I am supposed to be released in less than a year. I was not, nor was anyone else at this compound sentenced to death. Which is very well a plausible outcome with what we’re facing. The 8th and 14th Amendments imposes duties on prison officials to provide humane conditions of confinement and must take reasonable measures to guarantee the safety of the inmates. I want a chance to change what started off as a bad start in the world, and live a happy, positive, experienced filled life. That is what this virus mixed with our current living conditions threaten to take away. Please sign and share this petition… 

Written by.. Sadiq Hassan-Bey 

Contact: Facebook @Mclf NewYoork





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