Stop the 1080 drop at Russell State Forest before September 10, 2018

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We do not consent to the mass poisoning of our forest and waterways.

  • The lives of thousands of non-target species are at stake. 
  • People DRINK the water coming off of these mountains. Water is life.
  • Honey, Pigs, Eel and Rongoa (Maori Medicine) from the area will no longer be safe to consume, potentially deadly for those who do.

The majority no longer fall for the lies, politicisation of science and corruption of DOC, NZ Forest and Bird, OSPRI and related contractors - Profit is dictating your actions.

Your greedy, selfish days are OVER!


* Monofluoroacetate (1080) is a metabolic poison that is extremely toxic to all air-breathing organisms

* New Zealand is virtually the world's only consumer of 1080, in most other countries 1080 is banned outright or severely restricted because of its lethality and its indiscriminate killing power, or it is simply not used.

* Clear alternative methods of pest control are available, are used successfully in other countries, are cost effective or possibly cost saving, and are showing great early promise in New Zealand.

* Aerial 1080 is costly, possibly more costly than ground-based alternatives. NZ is spending through Doc and AHB at least $50 million per year on aerial 1080 operations, which may be providing a perverse bureaucratic incentive to those organizations to continue the practice.

* There is no credible scientific evidence that mass poisoning the forest ecosystems with aerial 1080 is of net benefit to so much as one native species.

* New Zealand's use of aerial 1080 is completely unprecedented. No other country is or ever has carried out an aerial campaign of mass poisoning such as that being carried out in New Zealand.

* There is overwhelming evidence of harm to some native species from aerial 1080 operations, and there is considerable evidence of ecological disruption, as one would expect given the indiscriminate nature of the aerial 1080 programme.

* There is no credible evidence of countervailing net ecosystem benefit. Neither DoC nor AHB has ever undertaken a study that would provide the kind of hard experimental evidence that there is net native biodiversity benefit from their mass poisoning program with aerial 1080.

* Finally, there are several potential risks to the New Zealand economy, not documented and not yet realized, but nonetheless potential. There is considerable opinion that important damage could be done to NZ tourism and its brand name "100% Pure" labelling if DoC's 15-year long mass poisoning campaign with 1080 were widely known outside New Zealand.