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Investigate Clementine Ford for Child Abuse

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As we all know, misandrist Clementine Ford hates men and spews disgusting vile hate speech such as "Kill all men" and most recently wrote a note inside a fan's book stating "Have you killed any men today, if not, why not?"

She has also bullied school boys and called them "dickheads" after they questioned her at a school talk. 

For those who don't know, this man hating feminist now has a son named Frank. Given that she hates the entire male species, one has to wonder how she treats her son. 

Clementine Ford hates men as a "career" and this is all she writes about all day, everyday. Even if she isn't guilty of child abuse, poor little Frank doesn't deserve to be raised in such a toxic, male hating environment. It could be argued that even this in itself could be considered child abuse. 

For the sake of an innocent child, we ask DOCS to carry out an investigation on Clementine Ford to ensure that she isn't guilty of child abuse. If she is found to be guilty, we hope that her son Frank will be removed from her care and placed in a more loving environment that doesn't show contempt or hate for the male species.  

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