Penalise exclusive rights holders of live sport for failing to deliver a smooth stream

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With Optus failing to deliver a reliable stream of Egypt vs Uruguay, this petition calls for two things:

1) Require any party that owns exclusive broadcast rights to deliver a smooth and error free stream that can handle large consumption by the entire country. Australia is a developed nation and our people have the right to watch any given sporting event live without technological limitation. The onus should be on the exclusive broadcaster to guarantee a smooth and error free transmission.


2) Impose a financial penalty on any exclusive broadcaster who fails to deliver a live stream without error. It is a national embarrassment if we Australians cannot view a live sporting event due to a broadcaster not using adequate technological infrastructure. The frustration of fans and embarrassment as a nation should have a direct financial penalty for the company behind it. Furthermore, all customers that paid to view such an event should be refunded in full.