Keep with her family.

Keep with her family.

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Kharma Nail started this petition to department of children and families

    Shelly and Doss are wonderful parents to two beautiful daughters. They were granted custody of their youngest,  when she was only 8 months old. They were informed by the DCF recently that they will be giving custody back to biological mother and are taking her this week. 
     deserves to stay with her loving family, and with the help of all of you and through the power of prayer we are hoping to turn that into reality. 
    Please say a prayer and sign this petition to help us win this fight.  
  This is Shelly’s testimony: 

No words.

No words to express the amount of pain this experience has caused SO MANY wonderful & loving people.

Losing this vivacious & headstrong little girl is going to destroy my family and friends.   It is going to destroy my faith in the judicial system and unfortunately make me question my faith in the universe.

17 months ago.....i was struggling to get pregnant (with a second child) with no success.

On February 26th, 2019 we recieved a call that has forever changed the trajectory of my entire family's life.

WE ARE NOT/ NOR WERE WE EVER FOSTER PARENTS.  We have NEVER recieved a dollar or diaper from ANYONE!!!!!!

Through what only seemed like "answered prayers" the universe brought a then 8 month old fragile baby into our home.

My husband & I were told by the DCF investigator (before any papers were signed)

"Under normal circumstances, our goal is always reunification with the biological mother; however, in this situation...... because of the SEVERITY of the child's wounds......her mother's rights WOULD BE TERMINATED."

She also went on to say "i believe if left in THE FAMILY'S care..... this little girl would not have made it to her 1st birthday..... they would have KILLED her!"

This little baby had black eyes, 4 broken ribs, along with countless other grievous injuries!

I remember just sobbing......

"Who could BEAT A BABY!!!!!!"

My husband and I signed then and there.......i didn't even know what she looked like or what her name was......i didn't know if she was a drug baby......I DIDN'T CARE!!!!!

She was a fearful, fragile, abused 8 month old baby girl.......

We became her legal guardians and were told to go pick her up from the hospital.

The moment I laid eyes on her....I knew my job was to LOVE HER and PROTECT HER.

It took several weeks before I called myself or allowed anyone else to call me "mom."

I didn't know the best way to navigate this delicate new relationship.

I didn't want to mess her up.

I didn't want to mess my then 2 year old up.

And honestly, I didn't want to mess myself up EMOTIONALLY.

VERY QUICKLY that changed.





I remember having a conversation with God.... and I promised him " I was going to love this little girl as if i wasn't going to lose her" She DESERVED to be LOVED.

The next year and a half has been the most emotional, time consuming, awful experiences of our lives.  My FAMILY & I have been treated unprofessionally, horrifically, unethically, and  disrespectfully.  I AM DISGUSTED by the complete disregard for our compassion, dedication, and time.

Fast forward to today.

I was informed by DCF that this Monday...july 6th (the day before my other daughter turns 4) that DCF will be taking my daughter and reunifying her with her vessel. (because..... that's what i consider this woman to be.....a vessel.  NO MOTHER would harm or allow another to harm her child )

DCF has decided NOT to follow protocol.

They did NOT hold a judicial hearing.

Despite the fact that the biological mother STILL HAS CRIMINAL CHARGES PENDING....child neglect with great bodily harm.....

They are skipping a typical reunification PROCESS.... which would slowly introduce the cold back into a new environment.


My child will be thrown back into THE SAME HOME & with the same PEOPLE they removed her from.

This little girl is currently sick(with hopefully just a cold)

She is going through her "terrible twos."

She is a shadow to her older sister.   

She has 3 puppies, several grandparents, countless aunts & uncles, dozens of cousins, a room full of clothes and toys.  She has CONSISTENCY, STABILITY, SAFETY, and LOVE.

Yet, her life and future and emotional stability are ONLY A PIECE OF PAPER to our judicial system.

From day 1

I was ignorant to believe that DCF (department of children & families......or in our case BIG BEND....a subcontracted organization) worked FOR THE CHILDREN.

Worked TO PROTECT the innocent.  Fought to be a voice for the voiceless.


They are a system set up to fight for the abusers, addicts, and predators!

They exhaust countless resources to rehabilitate and fight for THE BIRTH RIGHTS of men and women who KNOW THE LAW.... THEY KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG... THEY HAVE SOME MORAL COMPASS..... THEY HAVE A VOICE...

Yet, they neglect their children anyways.

They choose drugs over their children anyways.

They don't provide for their children.

They BEAT and sodomized their children anyways.


-a parental timeout

- paid attorneys

- endless resources to attempt to rehabilitate

-an adult slap on the hand


Meanwhile, because of their actions the children are taken away......

In our case..... placed in a deserving, loving, stable HOME.

They develop bonds.

They begin to feel stability.

They see REAL LOVE.

I am not....nor will I ever pretent to be perfect.

I'm human.....I've made mistakes.

But I WOULD LAY DOWN MY LIFE BEFORE I ALLOWED SOMEONE TO HURT MY BABIES.   I would go without food so my kids could eat.      

I would move mountains to see them smile.

I am a MOTHER....... that title the MOST IMPORTANT role anyone on the planet is bestowed.


I have been told hundreds of times

"You are NOT her have no rights. "

I have taught this child to crawl, walk, talk, laugh, trust, smile,  & sing.

I have spent hundreds of nights awake consoling a terror stricken baby having night terrors.

I have changed thousands of diapers.

I have provided clothes and food.

I have read hundreds of books.

I have created memories and celebrated birthdays and holidays.

I have /and am currently wiping tears and snot.

I have washed thousands of little socks and dirty clothes.

This list could go on and on and on........

But.......i did NOT give birth to her.  So.......i am not her mother.......F@#K THAT!

As of family & I only have 3 days left with our child..... with no information as to what the future holds.   No direction.   No compassion. It's inhuman & egregious ********

Thank you & God Bless us all�



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