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Give my brother, Steven James Corbin, the chance to adopt a child.

My brother has been taking care of this little girl since she was 3 months old with no compensation from the Department of Children and Families. He is not the child's biological father, but the child knows my brother as Daddy and nobody else. My brother was 90 days from adoption and false allegations (misdemeanor's) subsequently got him arrested. Immediately the Department of Children and Families revoked the opportunity to allow my brother to continue the adoption process based on allegations alone. He has yet to be convicted of these charges and my brother has never been convicted of any crime in his life. I feel that the reprecussions are too severe considering the bond these two share together. At this present time the child is placed in my custody, but the Department of Children and Families are considering taking her from me and placing her into another adoptive home. I need help to help my brother fight for his right. It is his Constitutional Right to adopt a child. He has never been convicted of a felony crime so therefor he still has all his Rights as a citizen of the United States. In addition to this, the Department of Children and Families states that the child will require counseling to deal with the separation if she is removed from our home. My question is if she is perfectly fine where she is at why would you rip her from a household that she knows as her family only to put her in a situation that requires counseling? Please help our family fight for this child. We are all that she knows.

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