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  I am a Father of a wonderful 9 yr old girl.  I have raised her and taken care of her for the majority of her life.  It has come natural and have enjoyed every moment with my daughter and have never missed or taken for granted the all important milestones in her life.
  After our Child was born the Mother, who already showed signs of mental illness, it became the trigger that sent her into a full blown BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder).  At the time, I did not have strong concept of mental illness or its affect on the people in their lives but soon found out as the person I had known for 7 yrs was now gone and never will be.  I can say that in all honesty, that the person I thought I knew for 7 yrs was not what she appeared.  So with this came the true person that she was.  She had no interest in being a mother, no interest in taking care of her in any way.  She decided in her words "I no longer want the responsibility of our child and want a divorce." I had no issues with that because she was never around and having affairs.  All I asked for was joint custody and seeing my daughter pretty much every day.

Despite constant Verbal, Emotional and Physical Abuse, I was able to find the right help to learn how to minimize her attacks and set boundaries.  Yet she was still able to create instability and chaos by taking our daughter and moving her from city to city (never followed the parenting plan).  Even though she successfully destroyed the life I had built for us, I knew that as long as I was there for my daughter, eventually everything would work itself out. So my plan/goal was to eventually get the mother help and hopefully face up to her illness because our daughter was starting to recognize she was not like other moms.  She never showed her affection, attention or Love.  She would only keep her 1-2 days per week and never on the weekends.  

As time passed, my attempts to get through to her failed and her mental state became more dangerous, sporadic and violent.  So after a stint where she disappeared for 3-months, she decided to break into my home and ask for money and food.  I asked her if she would like to say hello to her daughter and she did not respond.  She just needed money and I gave her what I had but she wanted more so after going into a rage, she grabbed my daughter, told her to say goodbye bc she was about to watch her Mother cut her Father's throat.  I finally was able to get it her out of my home and went directly to  DHS and got Orders of Protection for my daughter and myself.  She was stalking me through her phone so by the time we finished and leaving DHS, she rammed into my car with our daughter in it so we could not leave.  She called the police and said I had kidnapped her but the cameras said otherwise.

This is where the petition comes in.  So after that DCS gets involved, the mother gets felony charges for child endangerment and stalking.  I received temporary custody and thought that this would be the opportunity to get her in a hospital for help in hopes that she would be a part of her daughters life.  Instead she decided that it was going to be competition and she was going to  win and I wasn't going to ever see my daughter again.

So DCS had nothing negative on me that should have prevent me from getting Full-Custody and recommending Psychotherapy for the mother.  Despite this as my recommendation as the solution, they spend the next two years jumping at every accusation the mother made against me and every time I priced it was a lie.  So this keeps going ang going and I was not getting my daughter.  The GAL was purposesly with holding the assessments and recommendations from the social workers that stated the case should be closed and the father deserves Full Custody.  So the GAL was only showing the mom performing the DCS recommendations and saying I was not completing them.  Eventually it appeared as if the mother had worked harder on doing what they asked and she started getting more and more time than me.  Also, they were able to drag out the case by changing case workers and therapists when it was clear my daughter wanted to be with me.  Finally through lies and deceit they gave the mother the in-home trial that I had been waiting on for over a year.  So now this is coming to an end and they are ignoring my daughters fear and misery and giving me less time, claiming that it is my fault that our daughter is scared of her mother and it's not giving them a chance to reconnect.  

I have only given a summary of events but have detailed proof of misconduct, lies and withholding evidence so they can prolong the case, make more money and give custody to the mother acussing me of creating the whole situation.  I have kept records, recordings, emails, texts, documentation, case workers and witnesses and even the Psychiatrist that diagnosed the mother with BPD and has told she needs to be in a hospital.

DCS has refused any of the above because they know the abuse and harm they caused to My daughter and seem to be very pleased about it.  So, I am asking for a petition to save my daughter from DCS and her mother, so we can be free and my daughter can start living a happy, stable and normal life.  DCS needs to held accountable for child abuse and attempted trafficking as they tried several times to take custody without any reason or proof that it should even be considered.


Thank you and pray they set my child free and bring us back together.