Make the Department of Child Protection accountable for their actions and an inderpendent Royal Commission into all DCP offices state wide.

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My daughter was fighting DCP and FS, Midland against an 18 year order, so her three children could come home to her. Sadly she lost her life on the 13th August this year. While my daughter was in intensive care the team leader that was handling my daughters case, with this Department brought my daughters three beautiful children into intensive care, without my permission. While my daughter lay in her Hospital bed on a respirator being kept alive, the Team Leader from DCP informed me that she had told the children, Mummy was going to die and they would never see her again. She then asked my grandchildren in front of me, to explain what Death was, I was horrified by this. What gave them the right ? Keep in mind my three grandchild are aged 3, 6 and 8 years old. I couldn't believe it. I hadn't even been told at this time that my daughter wasn't going to survive. After that visit, DCP brought the children in again, to visit my daughter, after already telling them they would never see her again, they even took photo's which are on my phone. My beautiful daughter who was an organ donor and donated her heart, after the Hospital had found a recipient my daughter lost her life, five days after her 29th Birthday and she had given someone else the Gift of Life. I live on a disability Pension and didn't know how I was going to pay for my daughters funeral, so I called the coronor, and was told they could help only if I declared my daughter an unclaimed body. But there was no way in this world I was going to do that as my family and I loved my daughter with all our hearts, so the Coronor gave me a number to call, which was Department for Child Protection and Family Support, Midland, Perth, Western Australia. My sister helped me to apply for Funeral Assistance with this Department as I was beside myself with grief. We applied for assistance for my daughters funeral on a Friday and had an answer on the Monday that the assistance had gone through. I was told by DCP that my daughter was going to be buried, I explained that my daughter wanted to be cremated and was told that it didn't matter what my daughter or I wanted, she was going to be buried, I started to sob and explained that I would never be able to pay for a Headstone. The woman that was handling the application by DCP told me that a Headstone was included in the cost. She also told me that I was not my daughters Next of Kin and that DCP were, as they had my daughters three children. I fell to my knees and sobbed so hard, I was beside myself with grief I couldn't believe what this woman had just said to me. So the next day I rang Legal Aid and told them what DCP had said to me. Legal Aid were wonderful and had a Civil Lawyer ring me. I was told by the Civil Lawyer this was not true and DCP had no right saying this to me. Even though this gave me some comfort, DCP, Midland, had already done the damage. When I rang the Funeral Director that DCP wanted to handle my daughters funeral, I was told that out of respect for my daughter and myself, she needed to explain a few things with me. First she explained to me that a Headstone was not included in cost and that my beautiful daughter was going to be buried with other bodies! I asked her what she meant and she explained that my daughter was going to be laid to rest on top of other bodies. I could not believe what I was hearing and told her that I thought this was sick and that it would NEVER happen to my beloved daughter. I was so disgusted by this. I couldn't stop thinking of all the other Families that go to DCP for help to lay their love ones to rest and they are totally unaware that this is going to happen to them. My beautiful Family and loving friend came to my aid and paid for my daughter to have a private cremation. I begged DCP to give me time to grieve, so that I could apply to the Childrens Court to become a party to proceedings in their 18 year order, for my grandchildren, which was done a week after my daughters funeral. But DCP refused, so sadly I couldn't go to court that day, as the pain of losing my daughter was unbelieverble, so I stayed home that day crying. But there seems to be no end to DCP's torment. I received a letter yesterday from my daughters bank, about her estate and I couldn't understand who would have the right to notify the bank about my daughters death. I was to find out that DCP had put a hold on my daughters bank account, which mind you had nothing in it, but the whole point is how far will this Department go? I rang DCP to ask what gave them the right to do this and was met with, well we paid for her funeral, so once again I was told that I had no rights, but I DO, because they did not pay for my daughters funeral my family and friend did. Everything I have wrote about can be backed up with voice recordings of every conversation I have had with DCP Midland, DCP Head Office, my daughters bank, Legal Aid, Civil Lawyer, everyone. After what happened with the Department for Child Protection and Family Support in Midland and Head Office in Perth Western Australia and their lack of respect, compassion, civil and human rights for and of, my daughter, grandchildren and my rights as a Mother and a grandparent, were stripped from us, as human beings. I need to let everyone know that this is what they do to our loved ones, if we apply to DCP and FS for Funeral Assistance. They without any thought of respect for our loved ones, us and our families. who are suffering an unimaginable grief of losing a child or someone very close to our hearts and that DCP are laying our loved ones to rest with other bodies. that are not part of our family. It reminds me of a mass grave because we do not get told or given the right to make a choice. They do the same as the coroner, lay our loved ones to rest, as if they were unclaimed and to me this is so wrong. I was led to believe that a Headstone was a part of their deal, but it was not. I was told that I was not my beloved daughters next of kin, which added to my unimaginable grief. My three grandchildren were told by DCP that their Mummy was dying and they would never see her again, yet they brought them back to the hospital after telling them, they would never see her again. They had no compassion for me and what I was going through, when they went ahead with the 18 year order. So I didn't just lose my daughter but I lost my three beautiful grandchildren as well. The way they deceive all of us, that they are helping, when we apply for funeral Assistance. by burying our loved ones with people that we don't even know. How they take all of our rights away at such an horrific time in our lives. I was told yesterday by a woman at head office at DCP Perth. That because I signed the paper work for the the Funeral Assistance, I had given them permission to contact anyone they need to about my daughters death. Yet, my family and I chose not to accept their offer, to bury my daughter with other bodies by this Department.. So what right do they have none. I could not and still am not allowed to comfort my 3 loving grandchildren through the death of their beautiful Mother and they are so confused by this. They say our children and grandchildren have rights, yet I have seen my oldest granddaughter repeatedly, ask for more time with me, yet her needs and rights not met. They tell me that I am a very important part of my grandchildrens lives, yet DCP Midland only allow me an hour and a quarter every three weeks, to visit them and they are supervised visits in the office. DCP make me feel like a criminal but I don't even have a criminal record. Things need to change drastically. They do not have the right to treat us in such a cold and callous way at such an horrific time in our lives and take all our rights away.