Increased Program Capacity for BSc Health Science and BSc CMB at Mount Royal University.

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On March 2nd 2019, students who submitted a major declaration form to enter either the Bachelor of Science Cellular and Molecular Biology or Bachelor of Science Health Science programs were notified via email that both degrees have been filled.

This email had been the cause of distress for all students who are dependent on getting into these programs in order to graduate with their degrees. Many students have been shadowing their desired degree, as advised, until getting all of their requirements to declare. So, it can be expected that students are now frustrated with being told to alter their mindset and prepare to graduate with the program that they are in currently. This puts many students behind by at least a year, forced to disregard year(s) of hard work. 

As stated in the email, the Department of Biology meet in late April to evaluate the programs, so it is assumed that they have likely been aware of the lack of space in these programs for months. Completely altering plans for our academic schedules on such short notice has added a large amount of stress on students who are still expected to perform in their classes. With full year registration being made available for the next coming academic year, it is understandable that students are disheartened and frustrated by being forced to change their expectations. Given the clear high demand for these programs, the school should increase class sizes and consider evaluating an alteration in budgeting to accommodate the influx of driven students. 

Thank you for the taking the time to read through this petition, we are hoping to make the Department of Biology and Dean Jonathan M. Withey, aware of how this news has affected the students here at Mount Royal. If you have been personally impacted by this issue please sign below and share with your peers.