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Make the Biology 330 Final Exam Fair

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Biology 330 is a core course which is mandatory for Biology students. Students who wrote the Biology 330 final exam feel as though it was an unfair exam. Although we were provided with practice problems and extra office hours, the time provided was simply not sufficient to finish the exam in time. Consequently, many students claim that they could not finish the exam. Not finishing the exam means the questions were left blank or filled-in in blind hopes for part marks.  

Students individually emailed the professor to no prevail. We believe this petition will have our voices heard about our dissatisfaction and disappointment. We, as students collectively agreed on a solution: 

We want the exam to be out of less marks than the initial amount.

If you wrote the Biology 330 exam and feel as though it was an unjust and unfair exam that does that reflect accurately on the knowledge you've acquired in this course, please sign this petition to have our voices heard. It will be delivered to the Department of Biology at Queen's University. 

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