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Publish research about the impact of nuclear plants

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India is in full pursuit of nuclear power. People where power plants are due to come up are apprehensive for their own safety. They have little recourse except protest and protests are brutally squashed - this is guaranteed.

This is adding to conflict in the country, adding to victimization of people as well as increasing risks to nuclear plants and personnel. This can be avoided through transparency and cooperation.

We request you to publish all research related with the impact of nuclear reactors on the environment, health, people, livelihoods, or other aspects on your website so that people may study it and understand the reality instead of baseless fears. Also, many minds caring about safety are likely to question holes in research that may put populations at risk, and this research can then be done, so that our nuclear development progresses with citizen's informed consent as befitting a democracy.

We believe that facts dispel fear. We believe that hiding facts makes them seem more suspect. We also believe that if there are facts hidden for reasons of avoiding resistance, then that resistance is probably instinctively correct in assuming danger.

All this can be avoided. The assumption here is that we all have the best interests of citizens at heart.

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