Support Hacienda Looc farmers in taking back their lands!

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"Dito ako sinilang, dito na rin ako mamamatay," Aleck fearlessly said. The sun must have heard us that she hid herself in shame as Manong Aleck narrated this story but it has already been four years.

This is Aleck Cabral and his wife Jenny Cabral. Where they stand is the same place where a gun was pointed at Aleck. Since birth, Aleck, together with his father, have been toiling on their land in order to provide food for their family. And even if his father has passed, Aleck continues his legacy.

Hacienda Looc is an agricultural estate located in Nasugbu, Batangas that extends over 8,650 hectares of land. Primarily composed of plains, valleys, and mountains, its plains are home to mangos, bananas, star apple, jack fruit, sugar cane, wild rice, and root crops. The estate also stretches further into the fishing grounds of the South China Sea.

With rich natural resources that vast, big corporations have attempted to make purchases on the lands in the area and succeeded in doing so. However, this is resisted by the local farmers and fishermen who were lawfully acknowledged as beneficiaries of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law in 1990.

Corporate companies call it land-banking, Hacienda Looc locals call it land-grabbing. Help farmers like Aleck Cabral in his plight in defending their land and their rights. Sign the petition today!