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Encourage Legislators to Reduce the Environmental Impacts of Animal Agriculture

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We still have time to reduce and reverse our role in global climate change, but it is running out. At this point, radical changes must be implemented to see true differences occur. Agriculture as a whole has been evidenced to have detrimental effects on the environment. The livestock sector in particular has been overlooked for decades, and better management practices must be put in place to reduce the following environmental impacts:

  • Water scarcity and withdrawal: Animal agriculture is a very water-intensive industry. Industrial and livestock uses alone are projected to account for 50% of the increase in water withdrawal, which is projected to increase by 22% by 2025.
  • Water pollution and runoff
  • Land overuse: Livestock is the number one anthropogenic user of land out of any other industry. Over 30% of the Earth’s land mass is required to raise the animals and produce enough food to feed them. 
  • Deforestation: 43% of deforestation that occurred in 2010 was for the purpose of pastures or crops, which was more damage than was caused by urban expansion in that year.
  • Emissions: The animal agriculture sector contributes 14.5% to overall greenhouse gas emissions.

An important first step would be to join the Paris Climate Agreement. As of November 7th, the United States became the only country opposed to the global treaty. The goals outlined by the treaty make change within the livestock industry necessary, and would oblige legislators to implement new, more efficient policies. 

Positive change is possible, and it starts here! Please sign this petition to cause legislative change regarding how the animal agriculture industry is managed. 

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