Stop the mass slaughter of Australia's Wild Donkeys.

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Millions of Australia's Wild Donkeys have been shot from helicopters over the past thirty years. In the Kimberley region of Western Australia alone, 500,000-600,000 donkeys have been slaughtered. The destruction of these donkeys along with camels, horses, water buffalo and other large herbivores has contributed to the devastating wildfires plaguing the continent.

Donkeys were an invaluable tool of colonialism. Removed from their native Africa, where today they are critically endangered, donkeys were taken first to the Caribbean then eventually to the Americas, Pacific Islands and Australia. After the end of World War II, trucks, jeeps and other equipment were cheaply available and most donkeys were no longer needed. In most cases they were simply released to fend for themselves.

In the Kimberley, one family is trying to save the last herd on their remote cattle station. They, along with a scientific research team, strongly feel that these donkeys are playing a significant role in reducing combustible vegetation in the higher elevations where the cattle cannot reach.

These donkeys, as well as the others remaining on the vast Australian Continent, deserve protection for the tireless contributions to Australia's history.