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Phoenix House is Saved - Victory!

It was recently announced by the DWP that the hard fought and determined campaign by PCS to save Phoenix House has been successful. PCS Cumbria would like to thank all who took the time to sign this petition and supported the branch organised actions and demonstrations. We are also extremely grateful for the support and solidarity shown by the Barrow Trades Council, the many asbestos support groups and charities who took action and Barrow and Furness Labour MP John Woodcock for his hard work in Westminster. This victory highlights the power of collective action and strong organisation against injustice and poor decision making. Whilst this victory has been vital in securing jobs in Barrow and ensuring sufferers of asbestos related disease will continue to be provided with a compassionate and knowledgeable service, many other PCS members still face an uncertain future. PCS Campaign has already saved Barrow, Bishop Auckland, Glasgow Castlemilk, Edmonton, Glasgow Cambuslang, Newcastle East, South Shields and Plymouth Old Tree Court (Job Centre only). But the government confirmed plans to close almost one in 10 jobcentres, 27 ‘back of house’ offices and /corporate centre sites by March 2018. A further 40 ‘back of house’ offices are due to close by 2023. You can help fight these devastating cuts by urging your MP to oppose DWP office closures: Contributing a one off payment or regular monthly contribution to the PCS fighting fund which supports members taking targeted industrial action: Signing the petition against the cuts - Save our DWP offices – no cuts to public services: Show solidarity with our members at Sheffield Eastern Avenue jobcentre are in the middle of a second week-long strike against the government’s closure plans for their office:

PCS Cumbria
5 years ago