Allow disabled people to complete the PIP form online

Allow disabled people to complete the PIP form online

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Jenny Skelton
Jenny Skelton signed this petition

As any disabled person will know, completing a PIP (Personal Independence Payment) form manually, in longhand, is exhausting, extremely stressful and is often physically painful. In fact, it is so difficult that many disabled people who are entitled to PIP can’t face filling out the form by hand and, therefore, don’t claim the benefit to which they are entitled.

After the initial application phone call, we should be able to complete the form online which would be much easier and far less stressful. Many disabled people already have very difficult lives without the emotional frustration and anxiety of having to complete the form manually.

Please give us the option to complete the form online and allow us to save it as we are going along - so that we can return to it when we feel less exhausted.

The Equality Act states that reasonable adjustments must be made for disabled people. Please allow this ‘reasonable adjustment’ to make disabled people’s lives better.