Make utility companies responsible for repairing entire stretches of potholed roads/paths

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Potholes damaged roads and footways affect us all. Motorists, cyclists and pedestrians alike. Utility companies are now more than ever digging up our roads and pavements to install "essential utilities" such as even higher speed broadband. What they are not doing is reinstating them to an adequate standard and what the DFI is not doing is inspecting them adequately and holding them accountable.

The damage to vehicles and personal injuries to pedestrians caused by potholes/uneven surfaces adds up to a staggering 495,000 pounds of compensation been paid out by the department for infrastructure, government every year.

That is money that could be better spent on improvements to infrastructure.

The local Road services department is responsible for inspecting utility company works before,during and after completion. These inspections are inadequate to say the least. Why not make it law that when a large portion of footway or road is dug up the utility company becomes responsible for reinstating the complete stretch of road, instead of these patchwork quilts we see that quickly crumble, fill with water, freeze during winter and crack open again.