Start Criminal Investigation against Student Loan Fraud committed by Grafton College&GSM

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On 13th November 2017 BBC Panorama exposed some agents posed to be working with Grafton College London and GSM for committing a big fraud with Public Money in the shape of offering admissions to bogus students and getting money from agents to support student attendance and make course work for bogus students. Following are the links;

This is a direct fraud with public money and tax payers money. As British Nationals we all feel insulted and betrayed by the illegal acts of agents of Grafton College London and GSM. I would suggest to authorities such as Department for Education, Police, Quality Assurance Agency and Student Loans Company to start a criminal investigation against people involved so that genuine students and tax payers of UK are not cheated or disgraced. I am also a genuine student who cares about his future and that of others. People such as agents of Grafton college London (133, Ilford House, Oxford Street, London, W1D 2HY) and GSM ( Meridian House, Royal Hill, London SE10 8RD) are using public money, sell qualifications, forge attendance and sell course work to fake students. Mehboobali Saiyed is Director of Grafton College and his wife Saida Saiyed is owner of AVA Ltd. The BBC video showed Imran Saeed Sheikh, an agent who bought certificates of AVA Ltd which is an awarding body accredited by Ofqual from Asif Khawaja who is Head of Operations of Grafton College London and sold them to fake students. Asif Khawaja is younger brother of Sarwar Khawaja who is Director of AVA. Video also showed Charles Logan who sold assignments in GSM London. This case is a serious fraud with people of England and students who want to pursue degrees and career. I want to request all of you to sign this petition and bring fraudsters to justice.