Let neurodiverse pupils independently appeal 2020 exam results & ensure specialist panels

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2020 exam results are even more unfair for neurodiverse pupils. Please help them by signing this petition.

Many teachers and schools do not understand the nuances of each neurodiversity and are therefore unable to accurately estimate the grade potential of the child. There is an issue that pupils may be underestimated by both teacher and/or the school. This undermines the current basis of giving a grade to neurodiverse pupils based on the school estimate.

Many mocks did not include the exam arrangements that some neuro-diverse pupils require and are entitled to. Resulting in mock marks that underestimate the pupil and in turn negatively influence the teacher's or school's opinion. The school will have submitted this lower mock and potentially lower opinion as a basis for each pupil's results.

The details of neurodiversity are not coded into student records on school databases meaning the algorithm cannot have included pupils' neurodiversity properly. Usual exams include detailed exam access arrangements that have been worked up with experts in their fields. We need experts to be part of this process.

Neurodiverse pupils are not consistently present within individual school groups. Therefore ranking them along the "standard" distribution curve for each class, school, and year group is unlikely to be fair for any pupils. This means any algorithm that uses school class grade history as a base cannot accurately represent neurodiverse pupils.

ADHDUK has conducted some independent research. It showed that:

- 87% of people thought neurodiverse pupils would be unfairly treated in their 2020 exam grades
- 97% of people thought the 2020 exam grades would negatively impact the futures of neurologically diverse students.
- Only 29% of teachers were thought to properly understand ADHD
- 92% felt that a better understanding of ADHD by teachers would have resulted in higher grade estimates for pupils with ADHD

An appeals process that considers the individual circumstances of each neurologically diverse pupil and incorporates evidence from condition experts would go some way to levelling the situation between neurologically diverse and neurologically typical students.

We therefore ask for:

- Exam boards to set up a specific appeals process for neurodiverse pupils.
- Neurodiverse pupils to be allowed to appeal individual results without requiring their school's permission to do so.
- Exam boards to set up specialist appeal panels for each neurodiversity that includes both education experts and experts on each neurodiversity.