Keeping ALL children safe in UK schools

Keeping ALL children safe in UK schools

8 May 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Eleni Henderson

More than three weeks ago a cluster of screenshots was circulated around Cambridge Academy Of Science and Technology (C.A.S.T) and its sister campuses in Cambridge.

These screenshots exposed a group of C.A.S.T students expressing and inciting hate crimes with what can only be described as, an intent to cause bodily harm at the least, or in the worst case scenario "rape and kill".

The leaders of the group attempt to recruit other students, goading them to rape and kill students and members of minority communities with emphasis on Muslims.

The screenshots go far enough to name one student specifically to rape, and mention lynching and bombing the Cambridge Central mosque.


The mission statement on the Cambridge Academic Partnership states, 

"Every decision made will be based on achieving the best for each student", going onto to describe the partnerships values as, 

"Empowerment – Innovation – Ambition – Respect"

However three weeks after the heinous incident, there has been little to no empowerment and respect shown towards the feelings and mental health of the attacked students or the minority communities to which they belong. Such hate crimes are not just the seeds of much bigger, sometimes fatal crimes, but crimes in them self, leaving the attacked students feeling drained, frightened, depressed and threatened. Threats don't need to be put into practice for them to impact children and create fear.

Alarmingly this incident has not been raised by the schools to concerned parents, but the other way around. The school was approached by the police following a report filed by a member of the community. Why did the school take so long to react?

The screenshots are not only all over Cambridge, but have reached communities in Birmingham, Manchester and London.

What concrete steps have been taken to ensure the "best interest" of students threatened on the campuses?

What exactly is the school’s tolerance policy?

What are the legal procedures to handle such matters and young people with deviant mind sets?

Why has the school not bothered to communicate with the parents of the children feeling attacked, to reassure and guide us?

Why has the reaction been so slow?

What example has been set of the perpetrators, given the school has a Zero Tolerance policy?

What are the consequences of such action? Consequences are important to set precedents. 

These and many other questions remain unanswered by the school.

We are concerned for the safety of our children and feel no adequate action has been taken to tackle the fuel, that might fire hate crimes from students on the campuses involved. 

Gross mismanagement of this nature is the reason why so many incidents go unreported, or end in tragedy. 

Please sign this petition to show your support in making sure that a formal investigation into the processes and rules of the school is initiated immediately. We also demand that the Principle be held to account for so many failings.

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Signatures: 133Next Goal: 200
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