EXAM RESULTS : Protect Children's Mental Health

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Miscellaneous exemptions is a clause found in the Data Protection Act 2018.

It allows schools and awarding bodies the legal right to withhold evidence of academic performance when providing children's examination results.

When a failed exam is reported no evidence needs to be provided by the awarder.

The awarder's decision is final, it cannot be investigated if the exemption is applied. This process is unmonitored therefore not open to any scrutiny.

The exemption can be applied by multiple awarder's in relation to the same child and to all their examinations.

 If used repeatedly a child can be removed from their academic education and further exams permanently. This can leave children with nothing to show for many years of commitment to their studies.

More importantly the traumatic experience of reporting excessive failed exams to a child that cannot be investigated, presents a serious mental health risk. The trauma can cause, anxiety, depression, PTSD and other long term challenging mental health disorders.

As children have no academic rights there is no equality policy to safeguard or protect their exams.

We are asking for the application of miscellaneous exemptions by schools and awarding bodies to be monitored and an appeals process established.  If this is successful children and their parents will be given the option to view examination scripts despite the application of an exemption.

Please sign this petition to protect children's exams and mental health.