Ban all single use plastics from all primary and secondary schools in the UK

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Adrian Angol-Henry
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Single-use plastics are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled. Schools use so many of these - mostly not for educational purposes either such plastic drinks bottles and disposable cutlery. Why is the use of plastic bottles so prevalent in UK schools?

The world is currently producing nearly 300 million tons of plastic each year - a significant amount of which will end up in the oceans killing innocent animals and destroying our planet. We only have one Earth. Unfortunately, although plastic is a useful product, many of these products are created for single-use - with an estimated 50 per cent of plastic used once and thrown away.

Laminating documents is unnecessary and only used to improve the look of displays but display boards are replaced, on average, every 3 months.

Why allow schools to destroy the environment to save a little bit of money? Disposable plastic cups, cutlery and plates are used in schools for the mere fact that they reduce costs by less than 20%.

There are many ways school can find alternatives. Schools should be educating the youth into caring for the environment instead of destroying it with preventable overuse of single use plastics. So why aren't they?