Minimum Wage Essential Workers - Give Them A Better Wage.

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Many Essential Workers are working front line and currently only receiving the bare minimum wage for their job. The Covid 19 crisis has increased the risk for many employees, some are fortunate enough to work from home, some are forced to close for safety, whilst others are in the front line; food outlets, community workers, delivery drivers, bin men, domestics etc. The people in the front line are essential workers and have to carry on to serve the needs of our community. For many the risks they face aren't being reflected in their wages (not that there is a wage high enough to cover the risk to themselves and their families). In addition many front line workers are not being provided with PPE wear in their front line roles. This petition is for employers and government to show frontline workers how valuable they are to us all right now. Give frontline/essential workers a fair wage increase to reflect the risks taking and ensure all frontline workers have PPE wear whilst carrying out their role.  People in the front line do not have the time to campaign for this change so it's up to everyone else to help by signing this petition and getting over 10,000 signiture's to get officials attention. Please sign and share and help make the difference for those out doing what they can for us.