Lighting on Station Road, Moira.

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tanya Lindsay
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Lighting the road from Moira town to Moira station is urgently needed. 

Walking or cycling on Station Rd is hazardous at any time, and in the dark it’s downright dangerous. The pavement width is restricted to allow for car parking so getting a buggy or pram along in safety is nearly impossible during the day, and  actually impossible in the dark. Wheelchairs and mobility scooters cannot get past the parked cars except by going onto the unlit road!

Lighting is the most effective way to improve our safety. This is the station for the town and surrounding areas; we insist this road must be given the lights it needs. It simply is not a small country lane used by only a few vehicles, it is an integral part of our town’s infrastructure - and we believe the town’s residents, visitors and commuters are being badly served by the continuing lack of willingness of DfI Roads to do anything about it.