Here is a bipartisan sentiment: Spending $48,000 per linear foot to restore Paseo del Mar-- a road to nowhere-- that is alleged to benefit 1,800 coastal households--many, if not most, of whom do not want it and none of whom need it--is an obscene waste of our tax dollars. This is especially true in a city (Los Angeles) whose residents face rotting sewers, crumpling roads, teacher layoffs, reduced hours for police officers and decreased social services for lack of monies. Please do not fund this boondoggle.

Letter to
Senator Barbara Boxer
US Senator Senator Barbara Boxer (US Senator) (US Senator)
CA State Assembly Assemblymember Patrick O'Donnell (CA State Assembly)
and 7 others
Governor of California Governor Jerry Brown
US Senator Senator Diane Feinstein (US Senator)
LA Board of Supervisors Supervisor Don Knabe
US Representative Representative Janice Hahn
LA City Councilman Coucilman Joe Buscaino
California Coastal Commission
Mayor of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti
We are a bi-partisan coalition of residents of the coastal area of San Pedro, CA, residents of the City of Los Angeles and fiscally prudent taxpayers across the United States, who urge you to reject an appeal you may be receiving to fund a nearly $30 million project that is said, by its proponents, to benefit local residents many of whom feel otherwise.
There are those in leadership positions who allege that the local and broader communities are united in support of this project. Our strong opposition to it demonstrates that this is simply not true.
The project in question is the restoration of 600 feet of a coastal road that fell away in a landslide in November of 2011.
Local leadership is seeking funds from all levels of Government to restore the road. $28.8 million is the current estimate, which will, no doubt, inflate over time given the instability of the cliff.
On the local level alone, they are planning raids on the Los Angeles Bureau of Street Service’s budget and the Gas Tax fund.
This road is not a main artery and the residents have managed well without the missing 600 foot section for the past two years.
At $16,000 per residence (in the 1,800 household Palisades neighborhood where the slide occurred) or $48,000 per linear foot, we believe this is an obscenely wasteful use of limited tax receipts.
In this time of fiscal austerity, when real infrastructure priorities such as fixing grossly deteriorating sewers, severely potholed roads and crumbling sidewalks are being ignored,
how can a controversial, hugely expensive project that affects such a small group possibly be justified?
Especially ridiculous is that a large percentage of the chosen beneficiaries are, in fact, opposed to it.
Thank you in advance for letting us know that you will be refusing to assist in the funding of this boondoggle which, by the way, is referred to locally as the Road to Nowhere.

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