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DENY Dennis Drue Parole!!!!

Well Dennis Drue has been sentenced and 5 - 15 is a complete joke for the lives of Christopher and Deanna.  And for causing pain and suffering to Matt and Bailey as they continue to face rehabilitation both mental and physical in order to get back to some semblemce of their former selves.    ...Please look at these pictures, sign this petition and/or write a letter, these 2 beautiful young children died and 2 others were seriously injured. The man responsible, Dennis Drue, plead guilty to all 58 counts and admitted he was responsible for the death of these 2 Shenenedehowa High School student athletes. They had so much to live for and were so involved with our community.  Their loss is a great hardship not just for their families but for everyone they touched or would have touched.  They were slated to do great things in life and now we will never have the chance to see all that they would have accomplished.  5 to 15 years is too short of a sentence for the lives of 2 thriving teenagers lost in their prime.  Please sign this petition and/or send a letter to the the parole board!   Christopher and Deanna deserve better and Dennis Drue deserves to live his life behind bars for as long as possible.  This man has shown no remorse for what he did and only plead guilty because he knew he would have received more of a sentence from being found guilty at trial.  He admitted to being intoxicated, smoking marijuana, speeding, texting while driving, and driving recklessly at the time he slammed into the back of Christopher’s SUV sending it careening across 3 lanes of traffic causing it to roll multiple times and then slam into several trees.  Please, please help us send a message to the parole board and others that this is NOT ok and Dennis Drue needs to remain in prison as long as possible to avoid this happening again to any one else's families.  We have to send the message to all that Drinking and Driving is NOT acceptable!!!  And killing someone while commiting this crime is MURDER and the sentence should reflect that!!!  If we don't get tougher on this crime it will continue to happen and people will continue to think of it as a lesser crime or not even a crime at all.

We are the ONLY voices Christopher and Deanna have, we have to let it be heard and LOUDLY!


Please help us ensure that he does not do this to anyone else's families!

This petition will be placed in his record each time he is up for parole.


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