Deny Day & Full Parole for Benjamin/Ben Darren Nason- violent federal inmate

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Ben/ Benjamin Darren Nason (of Fredericton, Beaverdam, McLeod Hill, Harvey and now Dorchester Penitentiary, NB) was sentenced to 15 years for terrorizing, assaulting and carrying out an elaborate pre-meditated plan to shoot and kill Beth Wallace at her Lincoln Heights home, in the early hours of January 29, 2013, just 9 days after he completely burned her newly constructed home in Doak Estates.

Beth and her family have suffered immensely these past years with devastating personal & financial injuries, mental anguish, horrific PTSD symptoms and paralyzing fear. The collateral damage he caused to all members of her family, her neighbours, including children, friends and supporters has been far reaching and life altering.

To date federal inmate Ben Nason still offers no explanation or motive, claims he can not remember any of the events (despite admittedly calling his mother and ex girlfriends immediately following the shooting to brag that he shot Beth, after he left a wounded Beth to bleed to death on a -30 degree night on her neighbour's doorstep). He refuses to meet with the victim to explain, answer questions, apologize or face how he has devastated her in every way possible.

Ben Nason has served a paltry and insignificant 5 years of his 15 year federal penitentiary sentence for Attempted Murder, and for contacting her from prison before the 2 week jury trial. We were promised 15 years of safety and protection at sentencing and at the Court of Appeals.

Last month a hearing for day parole was scheduled to be held at Dorchester Penitentiary. After arrangements were made for victims, supporters and media to attend: background checks, security clearances, approvals, time off work, childcare, transportation and an escort for Beth (who can no longer drive), the hearing was cancelled. This week, Corrections Canada/ Parole Board has notified Beth & her family with one week's notice, that Ben Nason will be considered for Day & FULL independence Parole at a hearing next week! Ben Nason could leave prison right behind Beth, basically free and independent, to live in the community!

Would-be murderer Ben Nason can still not explain why he completely burned her new under construction home or showed up at her Charm Ct. home, in the middle of the night, with a fully loaded .270 calibre moose hunting rifle, forced his way into her home, assaulted her, chased her from her home into the freezing cold and fired 2 bullets at her from less than 20 feet away, as she ran from him screaming. One bullet missed her when she changed her intended path direction; however, the second bullet made contact with her body, exploding her left arm and rendering it still useless and excruciatingly painful, 5 years later. 13 reconstructive and life saving surgeries have been performed; but, her arm remains brutally scarred, shortened and supported in a brace and sling 24/7. The left arm has no function so she manages all life activities alone, one handed.

Ben Nason remains a life endangering threat to Beth Wallace, her family, neighbours, friends and the public. We deserve to feel and be safe. Please help us deliver the message to the Parole Board that his release into our communities, in part, or full, places too many of us in serious harm's way. Too many people have been made victims at Ben Nason's hands and he needs adequate time to rehabilitate, understand and accept responsibility for his devastating acts of violence. Until he can prove he can be a decent human being, and live without intentions to maim, harm or kill, he needs to be kept locked up.

Please support the victims by way of a quick signature to encourage decision makers to listen and act appropriately for the safety of everyone. Corrections Canada has only given us a week to protest this new full parole plan so we need to act quickly. If you do not wish to use your email address, simply use We all thank you in advance.

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