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Deny construction of an apartment complex at 30 Andrews Lane

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Sleepy Hollow residents: An application has been submitted for the demolition 113yo Babic House on 30 Andrews Lane and the construction of a 4-story twelve-unit apartment complex. For those that live around there like I do, this will have many negative effects on our neighborhood.

Property deprecation: If an apartment complex is built next to our homes, it will block our river views, our sunlight, and our view to the playground, which families rely on to check in on their kids. Now when we sell our homes, how much less are will they be worth, in the shadow of two 4-story apartments? 50k less? 100k? More? Multiply that by over a dozen homes on Kendall Ave and Andrews Lane and we’re talking about millions in property deprecation.

Insufficient parking: Parking in our neighborhood is very stressful. At night, someone can spend 30 minutes just to find a spot, if they’re lucky. The village lot on Andrews Lane is great, but there is a waiting list just to park there, and is expensive for many residents. The apartment complex is providing the bare-minimum of 1.5 spots with no visitor parking, even though many working families have 2 cars. This math doesn't add up, and is another example of how this apartment complex is taking from us, rather than giving to the community.

Demolition of history: The 113-year-old Babic House at 30 Andrews in a beautiful home that deserves restoration, instead of its demolition. Sleepy Hollow is what it because of its history, and at this critical time of change, it’s even more important to safeguard the treasures we have for the future.

Light and noise pollution: While security is important, the apartment will be beaming floodlights in our windows 24/7. And with the increase in residents, comes the inevitable increase in noise -- dramatically so with an apartment complex -- not to mention the noise for however many months of construction.

Mallory contamination: 30 Andrews Lane was remediated for lead and mercury contamination, along with all our properties, but does that make it safe enough for the construction of an apartment complex? Will there be a study? Will there be oversight during construction, with proper equipment, like air contaminant sensors?

If you want to fight this development like I do, please sign our petition and come to the public hearing on May 18th at 8pm at the Municipal Building (28 Beekman). Thanks, and hope to see you all there!

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