Collect signatures for Neighborhood support

Collect signatures for Neighborhood support

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Kedong An started this petition to Representative Denver Riggleman and

I am the owner of Old Liquor/ Gas N Save at 3010 N Speer blvd. Denver 80211, crossing street from Walgreens, I am here asking for support for Linda, our manager. as On July 7th, 2019, she was seriously beaten by the employees of Puerto Rico 5280, but instead of help, the Denver police wrongfully issued me tickets for assault and distributing the peace.

She will have a jury trial on 10/23/ 2019 @ Denver county court, I am here to collect signatures from all citizens and look for the eyewitness.

On July 7th about 4pm, the Puerto Rico employees came with other people’s credit card to purchase liquor in our store, they were refused. Then the woman owner’s came, who I didn’t realized, purchased over $235 liquor with the card not belonged to her. As soon as she went out the door, I realized her purchase was a scam. Both linda and I followed her to her restaurant, demanding her to either return the liquor or verify her credit card, or pay cash for the last sale. She refused all. Then we asked her to call police.

While we were waiting for the police, the woman had about 10 to 15 of her employees around us, she said something in Spanish, then all of them started to punch Ms. Linda and me, a young man with a stun gun knocked her down on the ground. She failed on her back to a small room.

Then the same young man held the black stun gun which was discharging sparking toward my face, I fell dizzy. All the people around punched Ms Linda on the ground, they beat her all over, grabbed by her arms and legs, pulling her along the ground at least for a few feet. They beat her with closed fists, and kicked her so hard that she was rolling back and forth on the ground painfully for a few minutes until I helped her to get to her feet, because I was afraid she would be kill at anytime.

Ms. Linda didn’t beat anyone the whole time, nor was she the first one to fight. We were there only waiting for cops to for the dispute when she got beaten. It was such a great surprise that the office Parrish, Zeonnia gave Ms. Linda tickets of assault and disturbing the peace.

What a joke?  Our stores have been in highland neighborhood for over 20 years,  Ms Linda and I have never beaten anybody, while this restaurant of Puerto Rico 5280 at 3109 N Federal blvd. Established last winter quickly became big problems in this neighborhoods:

Its food is bad, its prices is horrible high, and its customer service is extremely worse as the restaurant employees threaten many of their customers;
Its owners shopped with somebody’s credit;
On August 3rd 2019 on Fox 31 NEWs, Restaurant Report Card, it reports that the owner of the Puerto Rico 5280 knew nothing about food codes, the Denver Health Inspectors found 9 critical health issues;
The Puerto Rico 5280 was Tax Seizure by Denver city treasure on August 5th, 2019
The trash is all over at 3109 Federal Blvd, smells so bad for months now.

Please sign with this link to support Ms. Linda and protest the Polices’ unfair. Thanks.

Should you have any questions, please call me at 303-433-3296

Kedong An

0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!