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Denver Public Schools sexist dress code reconsideration

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Dress codes that disproportionately target girls and require modesty are completely outdated and unnecessary. My proposal to you is that dress codes that prohibit the exposure of the midriff, shoulders, back, and upper thighs should be reconsidered.  

Stomachs are not sexual, shoulders are not sexual, legs are not sexual, backs are not sexual. Women are more than sexual objects. I want to be treated as a person and student, not an object.

One of the reasons we are told dress codes exist in schools is to prevent ourselves from being a distraction to boys. This is a completely sexist, invalid point. Women are not responsible for the actions of men. We should NEVER have to change ourselves because certain men cannot control themselves. This teaches to young girls that their bodies are not their own and it is their fault if they are harassed, assaulted, or a “distraction”. This is all too familiar to female rape victims infamously being asked “ So, what were you wearing?”. Modesty is a CHOICE.

Women who choose to be modest should be respected. Women who feel comfortable showing their midriffs, shoulders, etc. should be respected. These rules are outdated and teach young girls their bodies are nothing more than a distraction. This way of thinking is also degrading to young men because it teaches them that they are animals who cannot control themselves. From my experience, the majority of the boys I’ve met throughout my school career have been completely respectful of how girls dress and have no problem learning with an exposed upper thigh in their vicinity.

 I understand dress codes that restrict dress that depicts images of drug paraphernalia, guns, violence, hate speech, and vulgarity. I understand that these would be a distraction in school and make other students feel uncomfortable or unsafe. I have no problem with this side of the dress code because it is completely necessary. 

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