Open DPS Classrooms NOW!

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Put Our Kids Back In The Classroom!!

DPS Parents, the time has come to constructively raise our voices and demand educational justice for our children. We have patiently waited for DPS to allow our kids to return to the classroom until mid October while the rest of metro area returned weeks or months ago. We’ve sat and watched our suburban neighbors restart classes, sports, clubs and LIFE with their kids happily wearing masks and being responsible. Meanwhile we’ve watched our kids deteriorate under endless Zoom calls and promises from our administration that life will return to normal “soon”.  Now DPS has maddeningly reversed course, again, and is keeping our middle and high school students captive on Zoom calls for many more months to the determinant of their education and physical and mental health. 

COVID-19 is real, it’s lethal and we must be vigilant to protect our most susceptible populations but science has proven our children, except for those immunocompromised, have negligible health risks.

What is real is our kids falling behind educationally.

What is real is our kids failing mental health and skyrocketing suicide rates.

What is real is our seniors losing college opportunities due to shortchanged athletic programs.

What is real is our teachers doing their best every day but knowing they can’t deliver the quality education they’ve trained for their entire lives through a screen.

What is real is our most educationally vulnerable student populations not showing up to online class nor completing schoolwork because of a lack of in home resources and teachers unable to reach them through a screen.

If any district in the state should be in class right now it should be DPS to stop our socio-economic education gap from becoming a canyon! DPS kids can not afford the luxury of waiting around for DPS to wring its public health hands... we need educational justice. 

Enough is enough! Support our students. Support our teachers. Put kids back in classrooms NOW!