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Denver Public School Board: Re-open Smedley as a neighborhood ECE-5 elementary school

The Sunnyside community wants and needs a better elementary option for our students.  There have been numerous attempts to work with DPS to re-open Smedley as a neighborhood elementary school, but so far there has been no movement.  Show your support for a quality neighborhood elementary school in Sunnyside!

Letter to
Denver Public School Board
The Sunnyside neighborhood currently lacks a quality ECE-5 elementary school for neighborhood students to attend. The Smedley Elementary School building is currently housing 11 arbitrary programs that have been placed there without community input. We are asking that you re-open Smedley as an ECE-5 elementary school that serves the students of Sunnyside.

There have been repeated attempts to work with DPS to open an elementary school at this location, but DPS has not taken action. Currently, Sunnyside has over 800 children under the age of 5 who will need a place to attend school in the very near future. With Trevista at almost 70% capacity and 100% capacity for ECE, and Columbian at 90% capacity, where will the children of Sunnyside go to school? Furthermore, there are significantly different needs of elementary students from middle school students and housing these students in separate buildings would allow for the focus to be on exactly what the students need for their grade level group. Most importantly, the student achievement results are not acceptable at either Trevista or Columbian.

It is obvious we need a quality public elementary school at Smedley. Our tax dollars pay for Smedley, a school that a large majority of us are not able to utilize, and DPS has failed to engage or ask for input from the Sunnyside Community. Re-open Smedley as a quality public neighborhood elementary school with the purpose of serving all of the children of Sunnyside, as it was originally intended.

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