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To Ban selling Cats and Dogs in pet stores

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Most pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills, which are not healthy and very wrong places. Not to mention puppies who need to run are stuck in a store for a big portion of their lives. Day and night they are living in a tiny cage indoors and rarely see sunlight when they are being sold. They say they get them from breeders, yet puppy mills can be considered "legit" breeders; but at the end of the day the cute puppies you are seeing can be inbred, and they in most cases come from very much abused parents. I'm not accusing any certain pet store, but I do believe it's wrong to keep dogs inside for a very long period of time. For an example, Siberian Huskies absolutely NEED play time and every time I've been in to one I see these huskies laying their depressed or running in circles; you can't keep a dog locked up like that. Not to mention they have a lot of hybrids which is a good sign of puppy mill trading because puppy mills DO NOT CARE and will breed any type of dog with another just to get puppies to make money. If you're looking for a dog, my suggestion is looking into Rescuing or adopting one from a shelter/rescue center, if that is not working out find a local breeder who knows what their doing and does not mind if you come visit and pick a puppy out.

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