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Off Leash Dog Hours at Our Parks!

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Denver Dog Owner's would like to have specific hours of OFF LEASH play time for their dogs in the existing Parks, without the need to add traffic cones, fences or any other oversight from the Park Rangers.

The request is the make the existing parks off leash from 6:00 AM to 10:00 AM and from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM.  So that allows people to walk and play with their dogs in the morning before work, for those who get up early as well as for those who go to work late and then leaves the majority of the day for citizens to utilize the park without dogs off leash.  Then in the evening, for people who leave work early and those who work late, there is time for them to walk and play in space that is safe and permitted to do so.  

There are other very large cities, New York City - Central Park, that allow citizens to use the park OFF LEASH before 9:00 AM and after 9:00 PM and it appears to make everyone happy.  (this was a result of a law suit, apparently, but hopefully that needn't not be the case with our Parks)

There are many people and their dogs who love and use the parks daily, but adding this benefit to the park space would build more community as more people would likely use the parks with their dogs if they knew for a certain time of day, it was a place they could go to play and enjoy the Colorado environment.

With so many new people moving into the city, that already have dogs, this availability of space and time to use the parks only makes the City better.


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