Tell Denver's Mayor to Stop Obstructing Immigration Law and to Protect Citizens.

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Denver had instituted an immigration policy on Aug 15, 2017 that instructs Denver police to not ask about anyone's legal residency status, to not share any such information, and to not help federal authorities with enforcement.  The Denver mayor Michael Hancock complains that the ICE arrests are causing fear in the community within it's immigrant population, yet he instructs Denver police to NOT cooperate with federal ICE officials and help detain criminal illegal immigrants while in custody, but instead release them back into the community without coordinating with ICE.

As such, the city of Denver is now less safe due to the 'sanctuary' status that now exists resulting in a number of increased illegal immigrants to the city (up to 130,000 based on a recent Pew Research Center study), making it 17th highest in the country.  In 2016 alone, violent crime in the Denver metro area (per 100K people) had risen by 3.4 percent, or 11 times more than the average of the 30 largest cities in the country.

By 'hand-cuffing' federal enforcement agents who have the sole job to enforce federal immigration law, wanted criminal immigrants who have entered this country illegally, are set free by Denver city law enforcement officials without any coordination with ICE agents (via civil detainer), which had been common practice up until 2013.  This results in criminal illegal immigrants being allowed to roam Denver and the greater metropolitan area free and without concern of recourse.

Tell Denver Mayor, Michael Hancock that this practice needs to be stopped immediately and that illegal immigrants who commit crimes (in addition to entering the country illegally) should be handed over to ICE agents in order to enforce the law of the land.  Start putting your tax paying, law-abiding, CITIZENS first!  They are the ones that pay your salary Mr Mayor.  For all Colorado residents and visitors to Colorado alike, this impacts all of them as well, and discourages them from visiting our state's capital due to the increasing crime rates in the city.

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