Implement Traffic Calming Measures in Park Hill [Denver]

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Blair Taylor
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Everyone has the right to safely travel on our streets no matter where they go and what mode of transportation they utilize. ~ Denver Vision Zero

Traffic and safety are a crisis in Park Hill. We have experienced a significant increase in traffic congestion within the past 5 years. Our streets no longer keep pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers safe and mobile.

  • More traffic moving through Park Hill at higher speeds. Development east of Park Hill has made our streets - 17th Ave Parkway, Montview Boulevard, 23rd Avenue, 26th Avenue, Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard - thoroughfares for vehicles traveling east/west and those trying to avoid traffic on I-70 and Colfax.
  • Unsafe for cyclists. Bicycle/vehicle accidents, including children navigating home from school, have become a regular occurrence.
  • Rush hour danger. From 7-10am and 3-7pm drivers do not obey speed limits or signage. There are 100s of children pedestrians and cyclists trans-versing the area towards home.

Park Hill’s numerous schools and recreation centers are danger zones for our community.

  • Stedman Elementary School
  • Hallett Science & Tech Academy
  • McAuliffe International School
  • Park Hill Elementary School
  • Montview Kindergarten and Preschool
  • Blessed Sacrament Catholic School
  • The Children's Center at PHUMC
  • Montessori Children's House Park Hill
  • Roots Elementary School
  • Pauline Robinson Library
  • Park Hill Library
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Haiwatha Davis Jr Recreation Center

We need traffic calming measures including stoplights, flashing lights on thoroughfares, crosswalks at high traveled intersection, protected bike lanes, stop signs.

Denver Public Works has remained reluctant. They told us they have no data to justify changes to our streets. We believe their studies are both incomplete and faulty as they were not conducted during the significant times of the day (rush hour, school drop-off and pickup) nor over a broad range of Park Hill’s streets.

Join Us. We call on Denver Public Works to partner with our community to ensure the safety of children, neighbors and commuters. We ask for valid and relevant traffic studies and implemented calming methods to make our streets safer.