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Thank you to everyone for your support. I am proud to announce that we were able to work things out with Opus, the incoming redevelopers. We spoke out and they listened. Through many conversations with Opus, we have come to learn that Opus genuinely cares about the local community and the small businesses that serve the local community. Sometimes growth requires redevelopment, but we needed to make sure that the redevelopment serves to enhance the local community and improve the lives of local community members rather than replace them. Opus has been actively engaging with community leaders and concerned members of the local community (such as our business) to talk through and resolve any issues. Although the redevelopment will ultimately require the closure of our laundromat, Opus and the city of Denver worked with us to understand all of our options and how we can move forward without just outright giving up. Now we have a mutual understanding with Opus, and we support their specific redevelopment effort at Colfax and Kalamath for the good of the community. Through months of meetings and discussions, it has become clear that the shopping center redevelopment is a matter of when and not if. So if anyone will be executing the redevelopment, we would be glad if it was Opus. Once again, we sincerely appreciate everyone's signature on this petition. This petition brought widespread attention and helped all of the stakeholders understand just how important this issue is in people's minds. Sincerely, Wash City Laundry

John Lee
1 year ago