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Denver, Colorado: Stop killing innocent animals

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   I am writing a letter to the government of Denver. Please help by showing you care. Comments are also appreciated. In Denver, Colorado, you are not allowed to own a "pit bull" or anything that looks like one. Animal Control will give you a warning, and if you don't move, they'll take your dog and kill it. Yes, even when they have done nothing wrong. This is legal, and it's called BSL, or Breed Specific Legislation. Pit bulls type dogs (American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier- around 11 breeds are categorized under this name) and other breeds are banned or restricted in over 50 cities in the US, but Denver is one of the worst. Unfortunately this is legal because people are scared of pit bulls, or they don't know this is happening.

Pit bulls used to be viewed as the American dog, but their image has been changes. Breed Specific Legislation betrays the pit bulls’ old nickname “The Nanny Dog”. They were called this for their tolerance of small children running all over them. Now humanity looks down on them in disgust, as if they were monsters. This change all began when criminals started an “activity” called dog fighting. What doesn't make sense is people are scraed of these animals, yet in a dogfighting situation the dogs would be put to death if they bit their owner. They were forced to fight, but had to obey their owner and would not dare attack them. They were chosen for dog fighting partly because of the trust they have and desire to please their owner. To this day, humans neglect, abuse and force dogs to fight, yet the victims are deemed guilty

People haven’t noticed what has been happening in the world around us. Over fifty cities in the U.S. have banned or put restrictions on pit bulls and other breeds. In some locations, such as Denver, BSL is more extreme. If an owner lives in Denver with their pit bull, of which is innocent, they will be forced by the animal control, to move. If they don’t follow order, their dog is taken and euthanized, or killed. The dog doesn’t even have to qualify as a pit bull type dog. If they fit the description, they will be punished. According to the Humans don’t put people in jail based on the color of their skin. This is racism, but in a form that no one seems to recognize. The citizens, as well as the government, are all too caught up in fear to stand for what’s right.  

BSL is based on prejudice, which canines can teach their human counterparts a thing or two about. When people read an article about a pit bull attack, the majority concludes that all pit bulls are beasts. Dogs don’t judge quickly. They are one of the most resilient and trusting species. Pit bulls are commonly misunderstood and abused; yet even they forgive. For example, many of the pit bulls rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring have homes, and some have become therapy dogs. All of the fifty dogs, but one, acted friendly or frightened towards humans. They were betrayed by man but started with a clean slate when greeted by another person. Mankind is more advanced than dogs, yet we jump to foolish conclusions while canines don’t.

America is blind to the unjust laws that are going against all morals.Even those directly abused, like the dogs from Michael Vick's dog fighting ring Bad Newz Kennels, forgave. Only one out of fifty-one of them was aggressive towards humans and she was bred more than any dog should ever be. The rest went to shelters, rescues and forever homes, whether that was a dog sanctuary or a house. Many of the dogs loved humans. They forgave and forgot. Some of them were so terrified of people, they couldn’t ever live in a home. A few of the dogs even became therapy dogs.

The madness of Breed Specific Legislation needs to stop. Harmless pit bulls’ lives are being taken, out of discrimination and hate. America is blind to the unjust laws that are going against all morals.

Credit to the Humane Society for how to prevent dog bites listed in the letter below.

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