Produce an East Area Plan that Supports Community Needs and Values

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Denver East Neighborhoods First
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We do not support the current overall version of the East Area Plan or many of the “options presented” for the following reasons:

(1) Existing zoning will already accommodate 4,100-4,300 NEW units of housing that our neighborhoods are projected to need by 2035. There is no need to increase building heights beyond the 3-5 stories currently allowed, nor plan for zoning changes that would allow the addition of units to current single-family and tandem homes. Addition of units to homes is not "preservation."

(2) Density does not equate to affordability. Since state law prohibits the city from mandating affordability, we call for statewide reforms and a citywide regulatory scheme to address affordability BEFORE upzoning.

(3) While we support efforts to improve bus travel on Colfax with dedicated “peak-hour bus lanes, kiosks, and traffic signaling,” we do not support the wholesale elimination of two traffic lanes to accommodate Bus Rapid Transit [BRT]. This will result in diversion of traffic through single story neighborhood streets and increase congestion considerably.

(4) The city's promises that the East Area Plan will provide green spaces are illusory. The city should identify SPECIFIC plots of green space before presenting the plan to residents.