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Denver City Counsel, Stop the Senseless Pitt Bull Bans


This ban is ridiculous based solely on the fact that it is not the breed that is bad it is the owners that raise them wrong. Just as any child can be influenced by their parents so can dogs. In the 70's it was Dobermans, in the 80's it was German Shepherds, the 90's Rottweilers, now Pitbulls. Lets say for example some one decides that Labs are the best for fighting and then they begin to train the Labs to fight. Will you then go after Labrador Retrievers? Pitbulls have some of the lower numbers of attacks on children and people by record. Only you don't hear about the others because the media, in all its wonder, doesn't use the names of the other breeds or the front page headline when a Poodle bites a child, but when it's a Pitt Bull all you read is "Child Mauled By Vicious Pitbull. It is unfair and cruel. The amount of Pitbulls that were rounded up and murdered in Denver because of this ban is appalling. The way their bodies were stack on top of each other and then driven away shows how little compassion for the families of these PETS. Family members, stack on top of one another, looking very similar I might add to photos I have seen of WWII concentration camps and the bodies of the Jewish people. End this insanity and allow us to have our beloved family members back. Overturn Home Rule Charter that is holding us back from our family members. It is wrong. 


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