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Save 261 Trees From Destruction

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Beginning on November 1st, 2017 The City of Denver will begin cutting down 261 trees in City Park Golf Course to make way for a controversial drainage project that will benefit the new I-70 expansion.

We are asking city to revise their plan and to reduce the number of trees to be removed by 80%. 

Trees are the lungs of our city and of our planet.

Many of the trees that will be lost are mature some are 100 years old. Not only will their destruction impact the overall air quality and temperature in the city but the loss will greatly impact wildlife in the area, especially birds. 

Denver ranks number 3 (below Las Vegas and Albuquerque) in the country for being an “urban heat island” an effect which makes temperatures in the city significantly hotter than surrounding areas due to human activity. Mature trees are critical for cooling urban areas. “Trees are an important first step toward cooling the city, as they retain moisture that will evaporate when it’s hot, cooling the air as it does. In urban environments, the trade of trees and soil for concrete and metal means less moisture is held within the city, so it is less capable of cooling itself, similar to a person who has lost their ability to sweat”[1]. The City of Denver claims it will plant many new trees to replace those lost but given the rapid effects of global warming it is unlikely these trees will be able to survive and thrive. Our city needs to keep and protect every tree we have in the ground right now.

[1] Ferrante, Peter. The Urban Heat Island Effect Warms Colorado’s Biggest City. Boulder Weekly March 10, 2016.


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