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Require Denver to Create, Implement Canada Goose Remediation and Management Plan

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Petition to The City and County of Denver: Goose Remediation and Management City Parks and Green Spaces

The City of Denver’s non-migratory Canada Geese population has grown from 5,000 in the year 2000 to more than 20,000 in 2016.  The flock is now growing in excess of 10% per year and will potentially double in size by the year 2022.  The City currently lacks a cogent and cohesive plan to manage the flock and its unchecked growth, outside of occasional harassment and limited egg oiling.  As a result, the Parks and surrounding communities are becoming overrun, unsustainable, degraded in value and utility, and ground zero for public health hazards. Inaction will exacerbate these harmful impacts and increase costs to taxpayers to remediate conditions in the future.

We the voters of the City and County of Denver and voters of the surrounding metro area who work and recreate in Denver petition our elected representatives to take immediate and ongoing action as follows:

1.  DETERMINE LONG-TERM SUSTAINABLE CANADA GOOSE FLOCK POPULATIONS in city parks and green space micro-ecosystems, taking into consideration social carrying capacity of the parks as well as capacity for species diversity, including: 

            (a) PLAN:  Establish a formal, final Canada Goose management plan not later than Dec. 31, 2017, that includes measurable objectives, tactics, goals and success metrics (both reduction and maintenance levels) at a granular level (by parks, green spaces, etc.) and post on Parks and Recreation website.  Set as an ongoing management planning priority of Denver Parks and Rec.   

(b) MONITORING:  Establish monitoring frequency throughout each calendar year.  Key periods to be monitored could include migratory, molting and nesting seasons as well as a baseline period.  The City at its discretion may choose to enlist various citizen groups and other organizations to assist and defray costs.  Establish monitoring protocols and publish findings at a granular level on the Parks and Recreation website.      


            (a) REMEDIATION:  Begin immediate remediation of the identified unsustainable goose flock population (see 1 and 2 above).   The City will use all throughout the available methods, both lethal and non-lethal, to ensure that the flock is brought to the target population in a reasonable, expeditious period and maintained at that level to ensure the health of the flock and the wider park ecosystem.  The City will also enact an ordinance which makes the recreational feeding of geese illegal and a finable offense similar to other municipalities.

            (b) EFFECTIVENESS:  Use effective methods similar to those that have been and are being successfully employed in other urban jurisdictions throughout the United States with federal support and approval.  

            (c) ACCOUNTABLITY:  Those tasked with implementation should be   evaluated based on results and speed of implementation.  Ongoing          community feedback should be solicited to determine satisfaction of policy,   transparency and results.

We the undersigned support this Petition to The City and County of Denver for Goose Remediation and Management in City Parks and Green Spaces and respectfully submit this petition for immediate action.


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