Denver - Return $33 Million To The Children!

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Dear Denver City Council Members,

Before COVID, the City of Denver began a $100m initiative to provide updates to the 16th Street Mall.   While this might have been a great idea when money was flowing, we have entered into a financial crisis that is crushing our city, and most notably, the Denver Public Schools.

$33 million dollars of our tax payer funds that would have otherwise funded Denver Public Schools is currently sitting in an account for these 16th Street Mall Improvements. 

Denver Public Schools is one of the lowest funded school Districts in the country.  DPS is having to renegotiate contracts with our teachers and our essential workers and is still on a path to run out of cash in 2022!!

We are facing an educational crisis at DPS, and one that impacts 93,000 kids.. 65% of our kids are free and reduced lunch eligible, 67% of our kids are Black and LatinX.  Our kids are the infrastructure that needs to be invested in, not the 16th Street Mall.

Now is NOT the time to take money from our kids education for a tourist beautification project.

We understand the attraction of using other people's money to fund this project, however, when you look at this through the lens of our youth, the other people whom you are taking money from are the Children of Denver.  

We beg that you that you:
1) Vote NO on 20-0562 
2) Advocate for an amendment to the existing DURA agreement to return $33m to Denver Public Schools and $25m to the City of Denver this year.

People of Denver - Interested in learning more?
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